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ABC to Cake Baking

6 weeks

The Great British Bake Off’ has inspired a new wave of budding bakers.

Learning good, solid skills is a great starting point. Our enthusiastic, creative and supportive tutor will help inspire you to create great things in a friendly environment. By understanding how and why ingredients interact, and how your input can make or break a cake, you will be on the right track to baking perfection. Why not start with our beginner’s course to baking? You can then progress to the next stage which is Sugar Craft with a solid background of knowledge.

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Intermediate Sugar Craft

12 weeks

This course will enable you to build on the knowledge gained from the Introduction to Sugar Craft course. It is also suitable for those with some experience.

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Introduction to Sugar Craft

8 weeks

This course introduces you to the different methods of covering celebration cakes and how to decorate them in a simple but effective way.

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