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Food Industry Management - BSc (Hons)

3 years

This new programme leads and develops the skills and academic excellence that is paramount to the future growth of the food industry.

You will be encouraged and challenged to become an ambassador for excellence in Food Industry Management, raising the standards that the public expects of this crucial industry to every nations health and prosperity.

The Management and the Food Production modules will develop your skills, knowledge, procedures and practices for the Food Production Industry.

The knowledge and skills that you develop throughout the modules of the programme will be applicable to many other manufacturing industries.

*This programme is subject to validation and the information provided may be subject to change. All new programmes at the University must undergo validation, the purpose of which is to ensure that the proposed programme is aligned to the University's Mission and its content reflects appropriate levels of academic standards and quality.

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Level 2 in Food Industry Skills

This qualification is tailored to those working food processing and manufacturing outlets and covers a wide range of environments from bakeries ready meal production in small or large operations.

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Level 3 in Food Industry Skills

This qualification is designed for learners who are working in a range of food operations roles, typically in automated production/processing companies.

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Level 4 in Food Manufacturing Excellence

This qualification is designed for learners who are working in a food manufacture or supply chain environment and offer a sustainable Continuous Improvement Programme for the workplace.

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