Brewing Industry Skills Apprenticeship (Level 2)

About the course

This qualification is designed for learners who are working in the food manufacture (brewing) industry. It offers learners the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge required to prove competence at work. This qualification will also suit learners who are competent at core brewing industry activities and are looking for ways of developing their existing skills and knowledge, perhaps to support multi-skilling or increase productivity at work.

Food manufacturing is packaged foods that are manufactured outside the home for purchase. The products you buy in our shops and supermarkets are there because of the efforts of literally thousands of people working in different food & drink industries in the Welsh food chain. This can range from a butcher preparing meat to international food industries.

The food production chain has three stages – agriculture, manufacturing and retailing/catering. Food and drink manufacturing takes place in factories ranging in size from those employing only a few workers to those employing hundreds.

The food and drink manufacturing industry actually comprises over 30 different sectors. The largest of these is the bakery sector followed by meat processing, drinks industries, dairies, animal feed and fish processing.

Food and drink manufacturers are the vital link in what we call the food supply chain. We take what’s grown by farmers and turn it into the products that are sold by retailers and caterers to their customers, the public.

What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a way for young people and adult learners alike to earn while they learn in employment, while gaining a vocational qualification and a real future. Hiring apprentices or training existing staff will help your business to grow your own talent by developing a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.

An apprenticeship is a programme of learning and qualifications, completed in the workplace that provides employees with the skills, knowledge, confidence and competencies they need to progress in their chosen career or industry.

We believe the key to apprenticeships is providing high quality training that will benefit both apprentices and employers in the workplace.

Where do they take place?

Most of the training is ‘on the job’ within the workplace. To achieve an apprenticeship, employees will need to build a portfolio of evidence via an e-portfolio system which shows that they are competent.

Our Training Officers will visit on a regular basis and carry out assessments while your employee, carries out their routine tasks at work. All work produced will be signposted so that employers data will be fully protected. There will also be a knowledge element to all apprenticeships which can be generated through assessment, written questions or can be recorded digitally.

Who are they for?

Apprenticeships are available whether you are being employed as an apprentice in a new job or as part of training at your existing workplace. These programmes are part funded by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government.

Brewing Industry Skills Apprenticeship (Level 2)


Study options: Work-Based Learning


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