Job Descriptions

The role of the buyer is a key factor in the success of any food manufacturing company.
As a buyer your focus will be to source and purchase all of the raw materials needed for successful production at the best price available and within agreed quality specifications.

You’ll always be on the lookout for newer and better quality materials to keep your company ahead of the competition.

You’ll also have to ensure that everything required for production is available on time and that the correct amount of material is purchased to maximise cost and reduce waste.

As a trainee buyer you’ll be working in the purchasing department and report to the Buyer and other senior staff.
You’ll spend a lot of your time working to understand the processes that your company uses so that you gain a complete knowledge of the needs of others and become fully aware of the importance of buying to the success of the business.

In order to hone your skills, you will probably be given one or more accounts that are non business critical; this will permit you to gain valuable experience.

You’ll also be involved with research into alternative product sourcing and competitor pricing which will also broaden your knowledge of the buying role.