Job Descriptions

As a brand manager working for a food company, your responsibility is to create a lasting positive impression on one or more of your company’s products with consumers which leads to increased sales.

You’ll be developing, implementing and overseeing specific strategies which up the profiles of the products for which you have responsibility....

As a Category Manager you’ll focus on the management of one or more categories of food products.
This will involve ensuring that enough resources are in place to make your products, keeping the correct inventory levels, and working with sales and marketing to promote the products set prices.

As a Communications Co-ordinator you’ll enhance your company’s visibility and public image by implementing the communications strategy.

You’ll be using a variety of marketing communications tools and channels to deliver the business’ message to the general public, both directly and through the media....

You’ll be working hard to create and build key relationships within your company’s customer base, which is likely to include one or more of the major supermarket chains.
As a Customer Insight Manager you’ll have been allocated a specific area of work on which to focus and this will depend on what your company actually manufactures and sells.
The job will mean that your time will mostly be spent analysing key data and using the insights gained to effectively forecast future sales and prices, help develop marketing strategies for your specific category and ensure that waste levels are minimised.

You’ll be involved in the planning, development and implementation integrated marketing campaigns which promote one or more of your company’s products, or the company itself.

Your aim is to help maximise profits through increased sales or market share on the company’s range of products by developing sales strategies that fit with the needs of your customer base....

As marketing manager, your job is to plan and deliver the best ways to promote your company’s products for highest return.

You’ll use all of your expertise and creativity to make sure that your company’s new products are launched successfully and sales of current products are maintained and grown....